Precision Repair & Calibration, Inc is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

Certifications Online

View your calibrations online through your web browser. Print calibration due reports or certifications from our live online system. Precision Repair & Calibration allows web browsers to view live data in a safe, secure read-only mode.

Try our online Sample Company by clicking on the link below:

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*Note – Must have Adobe Acrobat installed to view certifications Contact us if you would like your company set-up for online viewing of your calibration information and go paperless!


Purchase Insite Calibration Management Software

Precision also offers Insite as your Asset Management Program. We will partner with you to enhance your asset management. Insite offers data conversion to Insite from many asset management programs. Gage InSite® Enterprise is the complete calibration management software package. With an emphasis on security and flexibility, Gage InSite® Enterprise offers both large scale corporate environments and smaller operations alike, a customizable system ready to meet their exacting needs.

Gage InSite® Enterprise offers support for leading enterprise database solutions, making it perfect for deployment on large-scale corporate systems. Through an exclusive process modeling engine, companies can configure their own event driven system with checkpoints and rule sets at every point along the equipment path, ensuring assets are handled according to existing procedures.

Available in what is commonly referred to as two-tier (LAN) and three-tier (WAN) versions, Gage InSite® Enterprise delivers a powerful and flexible system that will help your company become more efficient and your equipment management systems more scalable all the while remaining reliable.