Precision Repair & Calibration, Inc is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

custom services for your unique business needs. online certification

Custom Services

We optimize your calibration program.

At Precision Repair & Calibration, Inc., we know that the calibration needs of each of our customers is unique. We optimize your calibration program through the use of our customized procedures and integrated processes.

  • We meet with you to learn about your company and design a package of specialized services around your requirements.
  • We ensure the proper level of calibration to meet your requirements.
  • We set up free pick up and delivery logistics.
  • When new or replacement equipment is required, we assist you in selecting the best equipment for your specific application.
  • We provide online certification for your convenience.

Our commitment to partnership

We provide specialized services to every customer because we know you want a personalized sales and service experience. Precision’s fundamental commitment, as we strive for partnership between our employees and our customers, is that no customer ever falls victim to a canned process. As Precision’s President Jamie Durand says, “We do ‘special’ all day long. That’s our business”.

What is online certification and how does it work?

Online certification means you can view your calibration certification on the Internet through your web browser. You can pull your certification up for viewing or download and print them at your convenience. 

Contact us today about our on-line certification program.