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What Makes A Wenzel A Wenzel (Part 1)

Wenzel recently celebrated it's 40th year. So what is it that makes a Wenzel a Wenzel? No compromises by Wenzel on materials; inherent precision; build quality and performance. That's what has helped Wenzel grow into one of the top CMM manufacturers in the world.

In part one of our profile on Wenzel we take a look at Wenzel's choice to not compromise on granite.

Uncompromising Use of Black Impala Granite

The Wenzel LH range of bridge-style Coordinate Measuring Machines are manufactured from granite; the proven metrology material provides for stability, accuracy and long life performance.

Wenzel is a true CMM manufacturer; not just an assembly shop for outsourced parts typical of today's CMM supply industry. The Black Impala South African granite used is renowned for its superior qualities of improved stiffness, less porosity and a 50% improved resistance to humidity over the more commonly used Chinese black granite.

The Impala granite comes to Wenzel's Wiesthal, Germany manufacturing facility from the Wenzel granite works in South Africa. The company has specialized in granite cutting and machining operations for over 70 years.

Final granite grinding and hand-lapping takes place at the main headquarters in Germany. No other CMM company is responsible for its own granite production; the base of a CMM‟s performance.

Aluminum is Only 3% Lighter Than Granite

The investment by Wenzel in the very best CNC Grinding Machines ensures granite components are produced to outstanding straightness and flatness specifications thereby minimizing the final hand-lapping process. All granite CMM motion components are core drilled before grinding to remove as much mass as possible ensuring the Wenzel all-granite CMM structure has competitive measuring performances when compared to the lighter, thin-walled, aluminum framed CMMs offered by many competitors.

Born to Scan - Granite, the Structure of Choice

The all black Impala Granite Wenzel CMM range was developed using finite element analysis techniques and was born as a scanning CMM; the demands on scanning CMM structures are far more than requested for a simple touch probe application.

Rigidity and stiffness with minimum deformation are necessary due to the acceleration forces exerted by continuous motion scanning and the ever changing CMM motion directions.

All-granite CMM structures are renowned for their stiffness and are the structure of choice by all manufacturers for their ultra high performance scanning CMMs. Granite offers the perfect scanning platform when compared to the far less rigid aluminum framed CMMs.

Don't Settle for a B Grade. Get an A!

All Wenzel LH machines come standard with a granite base hand lapped, to AA surface plate standard, and with a plate thickness second to none in the industry. The stability of all bridge CMMs comes from the surface plate; economic pressures over the past decade has caused manufacturers to "thin" plates dramatically and no longer lap the granite table to surface-plate flatness standards. Not Wenzel.

Wenzel does not compromise product quality and engineering integrity to maximize profit margins. While some competitors even measure the deformation of their thin granite plates and attempt to compensate for deformation with software, Wenzel just uses sound and proven engineering practices up front to manufacture its ultra stable CMMs!

For more details on Wenzel's uncompromising quality and CMM's contact the team at Precision.